At HGI there are NO LIMITS!

Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® finishes are created using a unique water transfer printing process that can be used on almost any material including metals, plastics, glass, hard woods, and more. The water transfer printing process is simple, but our unique and proprietary HydroSkin® finish is what sets HGI apart from the competition. Whether the production is for small-run parts or a bulk order, we have both manual and automated procedures to meet your needs.

Water Transfer Printing Done With Precision

The HydroSkin® finishes available are extensive and can be browsed in the “Patterns” section of our website. Don’t see what you need? Through our design department we can custom develop a pattern into film to meet your specifications. Basically if you can dream up the pattern, we can use it to coat almost any 3-dimensional object imaginable. At HGI there are NO LIMITS.

HGI stands above the competition in many ways. Within our 30,000 sq ft facility we use TWN Certifed Processes to supply unique finished products to many industries. Our clients base speaks for itself. HGI prides itself on being the most innovative and reliable water transfer printing facility in North America and we are ready to offer everyone the ultimate finishing touch.

water transfer printing for retail and commercial products.
sport equipment water transfer printing
firearm and hunting graphics
water transfer printing for auto parts and off road parrs