HGI is a proud decorator for Realtree Camouflage. Realtree is arguably the most recognizable camo in the world and with the new partnership we have been able to combine our HydroSkin® process with Realtree Hydro Graphics in order to decorate your project with Realtree Camo.

  • Realtree Xtra Green

  • Realtree Max 5

  • Realtree Max 1

  • Realtree Xtra Colors

  • Realtree MAX-5

  • Realtree XTRA

We have access to all of Realtree’s Designs, including:

  • Max 1
  • Max 5
  • Xtra Green
  • Xtra Colors
  • Waterfowl
  • AP Camo
  • APG Camo
  • Timber Camo
  • Blaze
  • Snow Camo
  • Hardwoods HD
  • Hardwoods Green HD
  • Classic
  • Original


We have also combined Realtree and our other camos with our Hydrochrome® process for an HGI exclusive process called Reflectaflage®! Reflectaflage® allows you to get the camo pattern and color you want with the added benefit of mirror reflectivity.