At HGI it is GAME ON®

The Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® process is the only field tested and approved finishing process for various sports equipment and helmets. The HydroSkin® process offers a variety of finishes ranging from patterns, to textures as well as our unique HydroChrome® finish.

HydroSkin® is in use by various teams in a wide variety of sports including football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, track and field and more. Whatever you can envision our team can create it, so when considering how the HGI HydroSkin® can transform you teams look just remember that at HGI there are NO LIMITS.

Retail Products

Transform your products…

The Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® process can take virtually any retail product and transform its appearance in ways never possible before. The dimension, shape and size create no boundry to the possibilities for HydroSkin® and its applications.

HGI’s HydroSkin® finish is already in use by many major brands for a variety of products including musical instruments, skin and beauty products, electronics, toys, and much more.


Redefine your vehicle…

The Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® process is one of the best ways to customize or add the ultimate finishing touch to your vehicle. HydroSkin® is so durable that it can be used throughout a vehicle including the exterior panels, interior and dash trim, engine bay and even wheels.

Many of us at HGI are automotive enthusiasts, so we understand how important it is to create that custom finish for your personal vehicle. We also have the capabilities to finish large scale order for various automotive products as well, so no matter the size of the job HGI can provide the ultimate finishing touch.

Recreational Vehicles

Go off-road like never before…

The Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® process is the best way to create a unique look for your recreational vehicle. Whether your preference is going off-road, deep into snow or even on water, HGI’s HydroSkin® process will transform the appearance of your recreational vehicle and take the abuse of a weekend of fun.

HydroSkin® can use applied to virtiually any component of a recreational vehicle including body panels, engine covers and more. By why stop there? We can also finish any safety equipment for your vehicles in HydroSkin® including helmets and goggles.

Fire Arms / Tactical

HGI helps you protect and serve…

The Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® process is already in use around the world on various firearms and tactical equipment. HGI is also licensed to receive your disassembled firearms and perform any customization you would like. Ranging from military equipment to small firearms, we have you covered.

HGI is also capable of providing specialized finishes including CARC coatings, which helps to keep you firearm and tactical gear protected in even the most extreme conditions.

Hunting / Outdoors

Be prepared like never before…

The Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® process is the most unique way to customize your hunting or outdoor equipment. Whether you are in need of camouflaged hunting gear or a graphically unique outdoor product, the HydroSkin® process is the answer.

HydroSkin® can be applied to vitually any hunting our outdoor product. This includes not just hunting equipment such as bows and knives, but also recreational outdoor equipment such as paintball guns and beyond.