If you can dream up the pattern, we can use it to coat almost any 3-dimensional object imaginable.

Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® finishes are created using a unique water transfer printing process that can be used on almost any material including metals, plastics, glass, hard woods, and more.


The Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® process is the only field tested and approved finishing process for various sports equipment and helmets. The HydroSkin® process offers a variety of finishes ranging from patterns, to textures as well as our unique HydroChrome® finish.


The Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® process is one of the best ways to customize or add the ultimate finishing touch to your vehicle. HydroSkin® is so durable that it cane be used throughout a vehicle including the exterior panels, interior and dash trim, engine bay and even wheels.


The Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI) HydroSkin® process is already in use around the world on various firearms and tactical equipment. HGI is also licensed to receive your disassembled firearms and perform any customization you would like. Ranging from military equipment to small firearms, we have you covered.